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Auctioneer is a digital rules-based online auction system.   Designed around the “English Open-outcry” auction model, Auctioneer provides buyers and sellers a real-time interactive market.  While designed for the fresh seafood industry, Auctioneer could be used in other diverse industries.

Auctions begins at a predetermined start price.  As bids come in, the asking price increases based on preset rules.  Once bidding stops, a rules-based “Going, Going, Gone” sequence begins.  If new bids come in, the auction continues, otherwise it ends.  If no bids are placed for the auction, the asking price will decrease based on pre-defined rules.

Product grading functionality provides the option to assign quality grades to the product being auctioned.  This information is then displayed during the auction.  Different buyers can have different grading.

A brief demonstration of Auctioneer can be watched by clicking on the video below.




A sophisticated auction administrator console provides considerable flexibility in configuring the format and pace of the auction. 

The auction administrator console performs three functions:

  1. Configure the parameters and profile for the auction
  2. Monitor in real-time all traffic and activity during the auction
  3. Interact with auction participants as required



The buyer portal is a real-time dashboard.

The buyer-client (portal) connects buyers with the auction.  Security is controlled through multiple layers

  1. Facilitates logon/logoff and security
  2. Sets buyer preferences
  3. Print reports
  4. Manages bidding
  5. Displays auction dashboard real-time information



Sellers and their representatives can monitor the auction and accept/reject winning bids for their lots.

Sellers and their representatives can monitor the auction but not bid.  When a winning bid is received for their product, the seller has the option to accept or decline the offer.  There are configuration rules to control this process.