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whs_pic_1An analysis of existing processes often reveals hidden opportunities.

Modest investments in process changes can reap significant returns. Beware the pitfall of over-engineering and rushing to solution. More often than not significant improvements can be made in distribution facilities with little or no changes to systems.

We have helped organizations improve productivity, quality, and safety without making major changes to the computer systems.


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Our Mission:

Assist our clients with the implementation of systems and procedures that enhance the productivity, quality, and safety of their manufacturing and/or distribution environment.

With 60+ years of experience, we are able to deploy systems and procedures on time, on budget, exceed expectations, and demonstrate a quantitative return on investment.

We Work With Companies To:

bullet2Implement Industry Standard Procedures to Increase Productivity, Quality, and Safety

bullet2 Eliminate Customer Charge Backs and Returned Goods

bullet2 Design and Implement Custom Software Solutions For Manufacturing & Distribution

bullet2 Redesign Facility Layout For Increased Productivity, Quality, and Safety


Our ClientsOur Clients
Astra Pharmaceutical Jones Jewelry Group, Inc.
Accurate Fasteners, Inc. Mahr Federal Inc.
Advanced Cable Ties, Inc.Philips Lightolier
Aubuchon Hardware Co., Inc. Portland Fish Exchange
City Sports The Safety Zone
Crimzon Rose (LFUSA) Sterilite Corporation