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DCAM – Distribution Center Allocation Manager

Imagine a real-time system, that from your desktop, you are able to view which workers are currently on the shop floor and exactly what tasks they are performing. A software system capable of displaying worked to be completed (queued tasks), by site, by zone, by route, or by first in first out (FIFO) sequence. A solution that presents and manages orders by fill rate or FIFO, and allows you to select which order to pick, the sequence in which to pick those orders, as well assign the worker you want to pick that specific order.

Welcome to DCAM

Distribution Center Systems has developed a Warehouse Management System that will improve the efficiency of your warehouse processes. Distribution Center Allocation Manager (DCAM) is a software system that directs the flow of merchandise and workers throughout your facility using RFID tags, barcode labels and state of the art Radio Frequency (wireless network) technology. It gives you total control over your distribution systems and processes.

DCAM gives you the real-time information you need to improve worker productivity, as well as meet the demands of high volume distribution environment. Using a fully integrated on-line work management system, managers can track and direct the activities of the warehouse workers. DCAM captures time, unit of measure, and worker for each task being performed. This gives you an invaluable tool for developing quality control standards for worker productivity and product flow.

DCS believes that the key to your successful operation is total control of the movements of inventory throughout your facility. Our installations are customized according to your specific requirements. We examine your current operation, and work extensively with your staff to determine your requirements. A functional gap analysis is completed and system design is tailored to your budget and requirements.


A primary component of DCAM is the ‘Task Dispatcher’ system. This software module efficiently meters work throughout the distribution center. It can be configured to operate in any of the following methodologies:

The DCAM system supports the following task types and software modules:

• Rules based
• Prioritized work assignment
• Worker/Task matrix
• Manual work assignment
• Unloading
• Merchandise Breakdown
• Put-away (Overstock or Primary Bin)
• Cross Dock
• Cycle Count
• Order Pick ‘Wave Generation’
• Picking Models
• Replenishment
• Loading
• Shipping
Return on Investment can be Measured and Captured
Instant Access to Time Sensitive Information
• Eliminate lost or misplaced inventory
• Dramatically increase inventory accuracy
• Improved fill-rate and service levels
• Optimize space utilization and reduce congestion
• Facilitate movement of product throughout the DC
• Facilitate just-in-time delivery of merchandise
• Improved employee productivity
• Lower operations cost
• Reduction in internal travel time
• Ability to process multiple orders simultaneously
• Reduce manual processing errors.
• FIFO rotation of inventory
• Work to be completed (Queued Tasks)
• Status of current work assignments
• Worker deployment
• Allocation of staff based on critical task to be completed
• Instant access to status of work-in-process