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With a wide assortment of available terminals and networks Distribution Center Systems has what you need. Give us a call and we’ll prove our expertise and provide a “Not-To-Be-Beaten” quote.

tek7535There are numerous manufacturers of R/F mobile terminals. As to be expected, some are better than others. Generally speaking the more expensive terminals are in fact a better investment. When evaluating wireless terminals several factors should be considered:

Durability – This is perhaps the single most important consideration. Terminals that appear to be functionally equivalent, may in fact be quite different. In a warehousing/manufacturing environment the terminals may be subjected to a very harsh environment. Such things as water, humidity, dust, heat, cold, shock, and impact are a few of the common causes of equipment failure.

tek7035Battery Life – The size and type of battery is very important to the successful use of a handheld terminal (vehicle mount devices can be powered from the vehicle battery). Battery life varies greatly based on the type of battery, radio, scanner, and amount of scanning performed.

Keyboard Layout – There are a variety of keyboards available for the various terminals. It is important be have a keyboard that suites the type of R/F transactions be performed.

Scanner Specifications – Having the correct scanner is critical to the acceptance and success of the initiative. Not all scanners are the same, and if you have the wrong one your workers will quickly become frustrated and perhaps be unable to use the equipment.

tek8255Support – As good as the current generation of R/F terminals is, the fact is they will still fail on occasion. In addition to terminal failure there is also the potential for network disruptions and/or blind spots in the R/F coverage. Very important to be working with an integrator and terminal manufacturer who will be there when there is a problem.

Cost – Generally speaking the more expensive the terminal the better it is. While a “high-end” terminal may not be in the budget, the total cost-of-ownership may be quite different when repair cost and down-time are considered.

There are many other factors to consider, such as display size and type, touch screen, color or monochrome, etc. For this reason it is important to work with an integrator who will help you avoid the pitfalls in hardware selection.