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RFID Compliance

‘Slap and Ship’ Workstation


One method to approach mandated RFID compliance is with a solution known as ‘Slap and Ship’. Slap and Ship is a minimal volume approach that involves placing RFID tags on cases and pallets in a distribution center for those goods being shipped to customers with an RFID mandate. Although Slap and Ship is often viewed negatively as a reactive, default solution, the reality is that many companies will have to start with this approach due to time constraints and capital limitations. Although it is not an ideal approach, careful planning can minimize cost and mitigate risk.


AdvantagesProcess Flow
Slap and Ship will provide the RFID compliance necessary to retain RFID-mandating customers.

It has a lower initial cost than a full-scale integration and will have a significantly lesser affect on a companies business processes, and technology than a full-scale, strategic RFID integration.

Slap and Ship can provide a barometer of the usefulness of RFID applications in warehousing and inventory management.

Slap and Ship can provide experience utilizing RFID, which can then be applied to a full-scale RFID implementation.

The Slap and Ship approach will allow technology standards to mature. As a result, the cost will decline and accuracy of the technology will increase.
Shipments to mandating RFID customers are manually broken down, and RFID tags are produced

The RFID tags are then applied to the outbound cases

Verification of the RFID tags is accomplished by re-reading the RFID tags, and re-assembling the pallet for shipment.

The RFID tag data is then downloaded from the work station for re-processing into outbound ASN (Advanced Shipping Notification) EDI documents.