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Product Locator & Inventory Control System

Distribution Center Systems offers a Product Locator and Inventory Control System (PL/ICS) that features many of the benefits of a Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) without the expense, trauma and cost associated with the implementation of a large scale WMS initiative.

Designed to run on a desktop computer, the PL/ICS software can integrate with your existing host system via standard interfaces. PL/ICS will provide item inventory information that is location and quantity specific.

Not only will you know what you have, but you will know where it is and how much of it is already committed

PL/ICS can be expanded upon as your requirements change. Radio frequency wireless terminals can be added and barcode scanning or RFID utilized. The flexibility of PL/ICS enables a small implementation to ultimately be scaled up to full WMS functionality.



Secure, Quick, and Accurate Information